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+Maximize Mobile Campaign ROI

+Boost user engagement leveraging SMS dynamic fields

+Schedule SMS drip campaigns & easily segment users

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Slooce Campaign Catalyst - the easiest was to manage SMS and text messaging campaigns
a powerful tool to maximize results


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    online messaging portal

    Versatile web portal makes user uploading, message scheduling, and campaign management a breeze.

  • Personalized SMS

    personalized messages with dynamic fields

    Let users feel valued and better connected. Add personalized offers and other dynamic fields into your messages.

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    automated sms drip campaigns

    Begin a drip campaign at any chosen point in the customer journey. Enroll users upon sign up or promotion reply.

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    url shortening & engagement tracking

    Measure ROI and better gauge user engagement. Deploy automated group creation based on clicked URLs to maximize campaign outcomes.

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    user segmentation & A/B testing

    Automated group creation based on user behavior. Easily test message content and offers to measure user interest and script future campaigns.

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    fast uploads of opted-in users

    Automatically upload opted-in users through our API or easily add an opted-in user CSV file on the Slooce online messaging portal.


  • 5 star SMS service - unlimited SMS for a flat monthly fee


    “Slooce’s pricing model was way better than Twilio and other similar companies. If we had chosen Twilio, which charges a high per-message fee, I’d have to charge a more per transaction and I’d be out of business. The Slooce model keeps us successful."

    Rich Rotbard, CEO SOOP

  • 5 star SMS service - unlimited SMS for a flat monthly fee

    Rock-solid, reliable!

    “Slooce has been a rock-solid partner for years, delivering exceptional service to our users, enabling us to expand internationally, and keeping our messaging costs manageable and predictable. Texting is a game-changer and Slooce does it like no one else"

    Matt Thompson, CEO ShiftNote

  • 5 star SMS service - unlimited SMS for a flat monthly fee


    "Moving to Slooce Technology’s platform allowed us to scale with the peace of mind that text messages, a cornerstone of our program’s success, would get through. Having a strong text messaging partner is crucial and we've found that in Slooce.”

    Leib Lurie, Founder and CEO Kids Read Now

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