Slooce provides unlimited SMS for a flat monthly fee - send 10,000 olr millions of SMS for a flat monthly fee.

unlimited business sms for a flat monthly fee*

Enterprise-Grade SMS Solutions: +High Volume, Reliable SMS +Immediate Commercial Launch +Automated, Measurable Campaigns

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SMS Marketing - Text Marketing for retail and services

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key features

  • Sms and mms

    reliable sms and mms messaging

    We offer mobile messaging to any destination world-wide via shortcodes or longcodes.

  • sms api

    simple messaging api

    Cloud computing, simple API, easily integrates with virtually any other platform.

  • SMS Scalable Gateway-1

    Scalable SMS gateway

    Our robust and reliable SMS Gateway provides seamless scalability.

  • Ribbon-gray-150x150 orange

    shortcode and longcode provisioning

    As a US Short Code Registry Top Short Code Provider, our provisioning process is faster and more affordable for you.

  • Analytics icon

    robust analytics

    Identify patterns and improve user experience tracking incoming and outgoing traffic for all users or specific phone numbers.

  • 24-7 SMS Provider

    round-the-clock support

    Whenever you need assistance, even after hours, our team will be available to resolve your technical issues 24/7.

a powerful platform to maximize results

sms marketing features

  • ico01 orange

    online messaging portal

    Versatile web portal makes user uploading, message scheduling, and campaign management a breeze.

  • Personalized SMS

    personalized messages with dynamic fields

    Let users feel valued and better connected. Add personalized offers and other dynamic fields into your messages.

  • Faucet icon png

    automated sms drip campaigns

    Begin a drip campaign at any chosen point in the customer journey. Enroll users upon sign up or promotion reply.

  • URL tracking icon png

    url shortening & engagement tracking

    Measure ROI and better gauge user engagement. Deploy automated group creation based on clicked URLs to maximize campaign outcomes.

  • AB Testing icon

    user segmentation & A/B testing

    Automated group creation based on user behavior. Easily test message content and offers to measure user interest and script future campaigns.

  • Upload icon

    fast uploads of opted-in users

    Automatically upload opted-in users through our API or easily add an opted-in user CSV file on the Slooce online messaging portal.

mobile messaging Plans to fit your needs


  • SMS Flat Monthly Fee

    flat monthly fee

    Slooce is the only company that offers unlimited texting for a flat monthly fee. Carrier pass-through fees apply.

  • SMS for Business - We-will-beat-any-quote

    we will beat any quote

    If you find better pricing for the same service, we will gladly beat it.

  • Month-to-month-contract-150x150 orange

    month-to-month contract

    No need to sign long-term contracts--the experience we offer will make you want to stay.

  • Shared Shortcode SMS

    Monthly Message Packs of 100,000 SMS messages: $500*

    OUR MOST AFFORDABLE SMS PLAN Shared shortcode service, available for some restricted use cases. No setup fee. Start a new message pack each month, or sooner if your usage exceeds 100k messages per month.

  • SMS API and easy texting web portal

    150,000 SMS messages per month $1,250/month*

    LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER Dedicated shortcode service.* Monthly service fee includes 150k messages/month. Additional monthly packs of 100k messages if needed: $500. Don't miss out on this special offer!

  • Unlimited-SMS-for-a-flat-monthly-fee-150x150

    Monthly unlimited messaging $2,500/month*

    UNIQUE INDUSTRY GAME CHANGER Not offered by any other messaging provider. Flat-rate monthly pricing for unlimited SMS messages per dedicated shortcode.* With our signature product, focus on growth rather than costs!


Flat-rate monthly fee.* We have you covered.

Worried about per-message charges growing as you expand your service? Slooce is the only company that offers unlimited texting for a flat monthly fee. Period.

*Industry-wide carrier pass-through fees apply.


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