7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an SMS Messaging Provider

January 31st, 2019 by Marcia Barahona

SMS messaging provides an instant way to reach your opted-in client-base and your internal customers, including employees and business partners. In choosing the ideal company to deploy and maintain your SMS messaging structure, asking the right questions is key.

What is the cost per SMS message sent?

Most major providers in the US charge a per-message fee that can appear to be pocket-friendly at the beginning, but can yield unpredictable costs, higher than expected expenses, and an inability to properly budget for this channel of communication.

In selecting a partner to deploy thousands or millions of SMS messages, you want a flat monthly messaging fee that allows you to send a specified number of messages or, better yet, unlimited messages per month. Slooce Technology is the only player in the SMS industry that provides unlimited messages for a flat monthly fee as well as message bundles for a flat monthly fee.

What is the duration of the agreement?

Will you be locked into a yearly agreement? What if your company goes through a merger or acquisition and you want to change your messaging strategy?

This is an important issue and you want a company who stands by its products and services without tying you to a long-term contract. Slooce gives you the flexibility of month-to-month contracts!

How soon can the SMS service be up and running?

Whereas aggregators can take months on end to finally get you started on campaigns, Slooce can do a commercial launch that can take as little as a couple of days to a couple of weeks. How? Our easy-to-integrate API, our short codes and expertise in immediate deployment.

Will it use long codes (10-digit phone numbers) or short codes (5-digit number)?

Unless your service is outside of the US, 10-digit business-to-consumer messages are usually off-putting and yield a lower open rate than their five-digit counterparts. To maximize client trust and engagement, go for the short code.

Can the service be tested before deployment?

Testing is key. This goes without saying, but you’re entrusting your precious data and communication to a new company, so partnering with a company that lets you test-drive the platform and outcomes first is crucial. To give you peace of mind, Slooce provides a 30-day free trial so you can experience for yourself what your messages would look like and how the platform works.

Will I have any reporting tools available?

Take control of your data with insightful reports! When do clients open most messages? How many unsubscribers have you had? What’s the engagement rate? These are all questions you can get answered through Slooce’s SMS messaging reports and they’ll help you optimize this marketing and communication channel month-over-month.

Do any reputable companies use the service?

Slooce is partner to Fortune-100 companies like Procter & Gamble and to startups alike. Our case studies from a wide range of industries can also shine a light on the versatility and success of SMS messaging!

We would love to discuss your plans and goals for SMS messaging. Please call or fill out the form below so we can provide all the answers you need!


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