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Clever Gap – Ad & Creative Agency

March 9th, 2017 by Marcia Barahona

Clever Gap Creative Agency

Clever Gap is an advertising and creative agency located in Puerto Rico providing a variety of services to B2B and B2C clients. Clever Gap’s offerings include: strategy and identity, social media management, content development, and inbound marketing.

Slooce has become an ally in helping their diverse business clientele optimize their client engagement and retention through text messaging campaigns.

Clever Gap Client Scenario

One of Clever Gap’s clients—a beauty service provider in Puerto Rico—offers laser hair removal and skin care services, including facials, electrolysis, fillers, and micropigmentation. Their highly regarded customer service and attention to detail are to be credited for their expansion to three upscale locations.

In the competitive world of skin care, staying closely connected with clients and strengthening communication with them is key. For these beauty spas, Clever Gap wanted to implement a text messaging program with two key concepts in mind: sending bi-monthly promotions to highlight special services and sending text messages to counterbalance particularly quiet days or days with appointment cancellations.

The Slooce Solution & Results

Clever Gap engaged Slooce to satisfy their client’s needs and the results were instantaneous. On slow days during which text messaging campaigns are sent out, the salons quickly receive calls to book same-day appointments, yielding high returns on their campaign investment. As well, thanks to their bi-monthly text promotions, the salons have experienced a spike in returning clients.

Key Services

  • Monthly Messaging Pack
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Spanish Language Messaging
  • 2-Way Text Messaging over a Short Code
  • Hosted Service with Full Campaign Reporting

“Properly deployed, text messaging campaigns are a powerful marketing tool that works wonders for businesses of all sizes. To carry out these campaigns, it’s crucial to have a solid partner in the SMS messaging arena. For us Slooce’s professionalism, commitment to excellence, extensive experience, knowledge of best practices, and creativity makes them that key partner. We trust Slooce 100% to care for our clients as if they were their own.”

Carlos Colón, Clever Gap Partner


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