• 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Dedicated Short Code
  • Flexible API for 2-Way Texting


February 9th, 2017 by Marcia Barahona

JobAlarm Texting

JobAlarm provides a leading Mobile Candidate Platform, giving Employers the ability to reach the hard-to-reach job candidates. By using interactive SMS messaging, they extend companies’ recruiting reach and maximize their candidate flow.

The Scenario

Enlisted by retail stores and restaurants across the US, JobAlarm offers full-service candidate recruiting that relies on text message communications. A poster located at a JobAlarm client’s retail store or restaurant prompts potential job candidates to sign up for the job alert service at that particular location, giving them the option to also receive alerts about other jobs nearby. First, candidates begin the registration process by sending a text message with the keyword listed on the poster. Next, they receive a text requesting their zip code, and finally, upon receipt of the zip code, the candidate is added to the applicant pool and starts receiving job alerts for the selected business and location.

The Slooce Solution & Results

JobAlarm relied on Slooce’s expertise for its dependable message delivery, two-way texting and short code services. With Slooce’s expert assistance, JobAlarm applied for a dedicated short code, but wanted to have the business up and running right away. Having access to Slooce’s shared short code gave JobAlarm the ability to instantly implement their service, while they waited for their dedicated short code to be ready. Because JobAlarm’s business model relies on two-way texting, Slooce’s flexible API for 2-way texting was a key service to achieve success. While business increased, Slooce swiftly implemented a dedicated code on their behalf in an eight-week window, effectively establishing a strong foundation for long-term success.

Key Services Implemented

  • 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Dedicated Short Code
  • Flexible API for 2-Way Texting

“The lifeline of our service rests on the ability to quickly and dependably send and receive text messages to accelerate the hiring process for retail stores and restaurants, and to expedite the employment process for job candidates. Slooce’s capabilities took us from early concept to deployment—from using a shared short code to having our own. Slooce handled the whole dedicated short code setup from A to Z; to our surprise, it was up and running in under two months’ time. We couldn’t imagine having a better business ally than Slooce Technology. We now serve some of the biggest U.S. household brands.”

Ryan Strenger, JobAlarm CEO

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