• U.S. Dedicated Short Code
  • South Africa Dedicated Long Code
  • Hosted Service with Full Campaign Reporting
  • Flexible API for 2-Way Texting

SoundThinking (U.S. and South Africa)

March 15th, 2017 by Marcia Barahona

SoundThinking uses sophisticated technology to detect, locate and alert law enforcement agencies of illegal gunfire in real time. Acoustic sensors are strategically placed in an array of 15 to 20 sensors per square mile in order to detect and accurately triangulate gunshot activity. Impulsive gunshot like sounds heard by the sensors are categorized by machine learning algorithms and confirmed by an expertly trained analyst at the 24×7 SoundThinking Incident Review Center.

Gunshot notifications are delivered to the SoundThinking mobile and browser app and pushed via SMS, email and API within 30 to 60 seconds of the trigger pull. The notification includes the precise location on a map as well as metadata including nearest address, precise trigger pull time and number of rounds fired. Utilizing the gunshot notification, officers can approach the precise location of the gunfire incident quickly and safely to engage the shooter, interview witnesses and collect key evidence at the crime scene.

The Scenario

SoundThinking’s real-time gunshot notifications were already being delivered to police officers on patrol via the SoundThinking mobile app and via email. However for some jurisdictions, especially outside of the USA, the simplicity and ubiquity of SMS notifications has significant advantages. SoundThinking needed a partner that could provide a simple, reliable service delivering SMS messages both in the USA and abroad.

The Slooce Solution & Results

SoundThinking engaged Slooce to help them acquire and set up a dedicated short code in the U.S. and a dedicated long code in South Africa. They needed a global SMS messaging provider that could be operational and highly responsive 24/7, as gun shots are more prevalent on weekends. Slooce stepped up to the plate swiftly setting up their short code and long code, while reliably delivering messages. Today, Slooce’s messaging platform’s response time and uptime play a key role in SoundThinking’s communication effectiveness.

Key Services

  • U.S. Dedicated Short Code
  • South Africa Dedicated Long Code
  • Hosted Service with Full Campaign Reporting
  • Flexible API for 2-Way Texting

“Finding an established SMS provider that can deploy their services globally is like finding a needle in a haystack. We were thrilled to find Slooce and are grateful for the thorough work they have done to help us make cities everywhere safer.”

David Rodgers, SoundThinking VP/Director System Engineer

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