Top-5 Reasons SMS Marketing Works

February 25th, 2019 by Marcia Barahona

Instant Opens

SMS messages are read in under 5 seconds. So crucial or timely communication through this channel is optimal for immediate opens and information dissemination.

End-User Confidence

The global average open rate of text messages reached 94% in 2018 (marketing email open rates across all industries averaged 16%).

SMS Content is Versatile

SMS messages are powerful tools for creating immediate awareness and driving action — both online and offline.

With Slooce Technology you can customize SMS message content with each user’s name, just like you would through direct marketing! Text messages can include hyperlinks to content and multi-media.

SMS Campaigns Are Budget-Friendly and Allow for Scalability

Slooce’s flat monthly fee packages go from 100,000 SMS messages to an unlimited plan. That means companies can send millions of SMS messages per month for a low flat monthly fee. With this convenience, there’s no need to worry about per-message costs or about budget projections.

Full Transparency to Explore End-User Engagement

Our thorough metrics allow you to see user engagement, open rates, unsubscribes, time and day details to identify patterns, and more!


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